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A TIRED dog is a GOOD Dog!

Let dogs be dogs! At Bob's we offer supervised doggy day care. Need your dog tired at the end of the night, prefer not to have them in their kennel all day! Why have a bored dog when you can bring them to day care! We have a large outdoor run with artificial dog turf and an indoor play area for when the weather is unfriendly.

Outside Doggy Day Care



Indoor Doggy Day Care | Play Area
Day Care: Outdoor Activities
Dog Close Up


Dogs at play!

Day Care: In-House Care

Summer Splash


For Fun and Laughs


Always Busy with Friends



Indoor Doggy Day Care | Play Area

Doggy Day Care Schedule

When your dog is approved for Day Care, he or she is up playing most the day. When they first come in most dogs are super excited to be here and will need to go outside right away to potty. Once a majority of the day care dogs arrive, which is usually between 7am to 9am, I will start bringing everyone up front to play. By around 9am, everyone has done their business and is up front playing on the couch and with each other. The only time dogs are put away is for water breaks, if a timeout is needed, or right before everyone goes home. Otherwise we believe the more supervised play they can get the better! A tired dog is a good dog!

Times can vary from day to day.

Daily Breakdown

630am Store Opens
900am Potty and Play
12noon Potty and Water Break
300pm Potty and Play
600pm Potty and Pick up
700pm Store Closes


Outside pet area | Play Area | Outdoor potty

Price List

Pricing for 2022

Regular Client (scheduled and reoccurring client)

  • 1 day per week - $22 each visit

  • 2 days per week - $20 each visit

  • 3 days per week - $18 each visit

  • 4/5 days per week - $15 each visit

Non Regular Client ( Approved but no set days and call ins )

  • $25 each visit

Discounts Available

  • Pet Industry Discount - $15 each

  • Military Discount - $15 each

  • Second Pet Discount - $15 each

  • Kennel Care (no group time) - Monday through Friday $20/ Saturday, Sunday $40 (if available)

Day Care: Outdoor Activities


  • All pets must complete an evaluation before being allowed to participate in playcare / group time. Evaluations are $25 and must be scheduled with Bobby.

  • Preferred drop off/arrivals are 7am to 9am

  • Preferred pick up/departures are 4pm to 7pm

  • Playcare is offered Monday through Friday (except for summer months June/July/August where it is Monday through Thursday)

  • Kennel Care is available on Saturday and Sunday by appointment and only if kennel space is available - Price on Saturday or Sunday is different from week day pricing and is the same as 1 day of boarding (currently $40 - 2022)

  • We require all pets to be current on vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella)
    (Vaccines administered within 14 days prior to your stay will not be accepted and your pet will be turned away. This is due to many reasons but some examples are, possibility of pets having allergic reactions, getting sick, viral shedding and more.)

  • We do NOT accept pets that have been to other pet gathering locations within the last 14 days (ex. Dog Parks, Daycare, Kennels, Events, Vets, Groomers, Stores, Trainers etc)

  • We do NOT accept pets that are sick, injured, have anxiety, aggressive or escape tendencies.

  • Cancellations and changes to your reservation require a 2 full day notice or your account will be charged. Standard check in for daycare is around 7am to 9am so for example an appointment on Friday, your 2 day notice would be required before 9am on Wednesday. Cancellations need to be sent by email ( for record keeping.

  • If your pet causes any damages while here, you will be charged.

  • If you have been approved for Playcare make sure you check your email for playcare scheduling and important updates. If have been approved and have not received any emails on playcare make sure you call Bobby and let him know.

Day Care: Text

Hours of Operation (2022)

  • Monday through Friday - 630am to 11am & 3pm to 7pm

  • Saturdays - Closed

  • Sundays - 3pm to 7pm

Quick Price List (2022)

  • Boarding - $40

  • Daycare - $25

For making appointments and asking questions, the best way to reach Bob's Animal Friends is to call during business hours. Sometimes we are outside with the play group and can not answer. Please leave a message and your number for us to call you back. If you are using social media, email, or website please allow 24 - 48 hours for a reply.  My cell phone can be used in case of emergencies or if you have not received a timely response. 507-319-7899. This is my personal phone, so please only call if the other options have not worked. Thank You!

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