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Zeus | German Shorthaired Pointer | Dog


Business Hours for 2024

Monday Through Friday
6am to 11am & 3pm to 7pm

7am to 9am


5pm to 7pm

Doors closed - No drop offs or pick ups

Bob's Animal Friends will post on their business Facebook page anytime there is a special announcement or unplanned closure. If you are play care member, please remember to read your emails for play care scheduling each season. Please follow Bob's Animal Friends on Facebook for current and up to date news.


Hours of Operation (2024)

  • Monday through Friday - 6am to 11am & 3pm to 7pm

  • Saturday - 7am to 9am

  • Sundays - 5pm to 7pm
    Holidays - Doors Closed

Quick Price List (2024)

  • Boarding - $40

  • Daycare - $25

For making appointments and asking questions, the best way to reach Bob's Animal Friends is to call during business hours. Sometimes we are outside with the play group and can not answer. Please leave a message and your number for us to call you back. If you are using social media, email, or website please allow 24 - 48 hours for a reply.  My cell phone can be used in case of emergencies or if you have not received a timely response. 507-319-7899. This is my personal phone, so please only call if the other options have not worked. Thank You!

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