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Please fill out each form to the best you can. If you have submitted already, you will not be asked to repeat. Only upcoming reservation forms will need to be filled out for each reservation. If pet, personal or health directive details have changed, (ex. change of address or new pet) then please submit a new form with updated information.

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This form is all about you, your information. You are only required to fill this form out (1x) once. The form will stay in records unless asked to be changed. For example, If you have changed phones, moved or need to update your information you may be asked to re-submit for easy record keeping.

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This form is all about your pet(s) information. If you have more than 1 pet, you will need to refresh the webpage and submit for each one. If it is not working please call Bob @ 507-635-3398. You only need to fill out this form (1x) once. The form will stay in records unless asked to be changed. For example, If your pet is now neutered, or has medical concerns you may be asked to re-submit for easy record keeping.

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This form is for upcoming reservations. Please fill out your already scheduled stay information and let us know what services and/or add ons you would like. This form needs to be filled out before each stay. Please note all add ons should be scheduled prior to coming to make sure there are openings. Last minute add ons might not be available.

During your stay you would like to have

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This form must be completed before you can stay at Bob's Animal Friends. This form will only need to be completed (1x) once. The form will stay in records unless asked to be changed. For example, If you have changed, added, or lost pet(s) on file.

1. We do not accept aggressive dogs
2. We do not accept dogs with anxiety
3. We do not accept dogs with escape, destructive or climbing tendencies
4. We do not accept intact females that are "In Season"

5. We do not accept any sick dogs
6. We do not accept excessive barkers
7. We do not accept pets that are incontinent or not potty trained
8. We do not accept pets that have been to other pet gathering locations within 14 days prior to your reservation (ex. training classes, other kennels, day cares, vet, grooming, dog park, stores, etc) Some exceptions can be made.

1. Your pet must be current on vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella).
2. You are required to bring your own food. We ask that you portion out each feeding into individual ziplock bags and information and instructions are properly labeled.

3. Soft & Crunchy treats are allowed, however, bones & Chews are not as they are potential choking hazards.

4. Blankets, Beds, Bowls, Toys, will not be accepted. We provide alternative options.
5. You are not allowed to pet/touch/feed/treat the other pets in the building.

6. (1) Client/Family are allowed in the building at a time. If another family is picking up or dropping off their dog, please wait your turn.

7. All pets must be on leash.

8. The kennel is on our personal property, the family house and out buildings are off limits. The Kennel building is marked with a metal sign on the fence.

Wavier & Release
* I acknowledge,
I am the current and legal owner of the pet(s) listed on this form and solely assume all risk, dangers, damage and responsibilities that may occur to/or from said pet(s) while attending Bob's Animal Friends. Therefore, I hereby voluntarily release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify the kennel, its agents, successors, heirs, employees from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, which are related to or arise from the services provided from Bob's Animal Friends.
* I understand,
That while staying at Bob's Animal Friends, there are potential risks to my pet(s). Risks can include but are not limited to exposure to viruses, germs, parasites, injury or even death. Bob's Animal Friends has implemented proactive procedures, guidelines and rules to help better protect the well being of all pets from these risks.
* I understand,
That not all risks, events or situations can be listed above. If I have any questions, I will contact Bob's Animal Friends or seek advice from reliable resources (ex. local vet). Most Common risks can be, Kennel Cough, Puppy Warts, Fleas, Fatigue, Hotspots, Dehydration, Stress, Bumps/Lumps, Scratches, Cuts, Bites, Slips, Falls, Muscle injuries, Acl Tears, Parasites, Germs, Viruses and more.
* By admitting my pet(s) to Bob's Animal Friends,
I am representing that my pet(s) is/are in good health and is up to date on all necessary vaccinations.
* I confirm,
That my pet(s) do not have any condition or have been exposed to potential risks with the last (14) fourteen days prior to their visit.
* I understand,
This is a business and there are other family pets' health to consider and not just my own. That means if my pet proposes a threat or concern to another pet's health or well being we can be asked to retrieve our pet when called upon.
* I understand,
That even if my pet(s) is/are vaccinated for Bordetella, which is also linked and referred to as kennel cough, there is still a possible risk/chance that the pet(s) can still contract it. The vaccine I recieved at the vet is for a specific strain and understand there are other sources that can produce Kennel Cough/respiratory infection symptoms/illness. I have researched kennel cough and understand what it really is.
* To my knowledge,
My pet(s) have never caused any harm to any person(s) or pet(s) in their life.
* I will,
Disclose to Bob's Animal Friends any concerns, health, medical, behavioral, dietary, special needs and allergies that my pet(s) have.
*I understand,
That if my pet(s) are not dropped off or picked up during scheduled appointments, the kennel are authorized to take whatever action is deemed necessary for the continuing care of my pet(s) or lose my reservation if appointment is missed.
* I understand,
That all services and possible damages will be paid for upon pick up/departure.
* I understand,
Bob's Animal Friends has the right to refuse admittance or dismissal of any pet(s) at any time.
* I agree,
If any term(s) of this agreement is held by a court to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement shall remain in in force and shall not be affected or invalidated.

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Planning for the unexpected.
This form must be completed before you can stay at Bob's Animal Friends. This form will only need to be completed (1x) once. The form will stay in records unless asked to be changed. For example, If you have changed, added, or lost pet(s) on file or want to update your preferences.

If my pet(s) is/are injured, become ill, or death occurs while participating at Bob's Animal Friends, I understand the Kennel will make every reasonable effort to contact me with the information I have provided. However, if the Kennel is unable to reach me, I hereby consent that they seek appropriate veterinarian care and I accept responsibility for any and all associated expenses. The Kennel will not pay any portion of the expenses associated with seeking medical care, and I will not hold the kennel responsible for the injury, treatment, or costs that may occur.

Bob's Animal Friends will attempt to use your listed Veterinarian, however, if time, convenience, or emergency is presented, I give Bob's Animal Friends permission to use any Veterinarian they prefer.

Shall my pet(s) die,
Bob's Animal Friends will coordinate getting ashes for the owner. All costs will be the owner's responsibility. If you don't want ashes, please comment in detail what you would like done instead.

I understand,
To help with convenience this agreement will stay on file and won't be changed unless asked.

How would you like Bob's Animal Friends to handle medical services and costs?

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